Jindal Bats has always tieen a front-nanner in the construction segment as far as technological advancements are concerned. With numy fusts under i. umbrella, Jindal appetite for innovation has given construction industry numerous path waking inventions.
Jindal TMT 550 XD

Its latest innovation 550 is a technological advancement that re-writes the standar& of constructions. Developed Keeping in mind thc &sentials of earthquake resistant construction Jindal TMT Bars 550 XD is the answer to all your needs. Jindal TMT Bars 550 XD is totally Sulphur and Phosphorus controlled and purified to Me latest quality standards to give your construction the extra strength to with hold under extreme hot arid cold weather conditions. Sulphm and Phosphorus are the harmful impurities that make a rebar Vulnerable to cracking„Jindal TMT Bars 550 XD reduces the combined level of these impuritics up to 0.075%as per the latest BIS specifications. Therefore, Jindal TMT Bars 550 XD is better and absolutely rel i.le than other rebars available in the market. With Jindal TINT bars 550 XD comes a promise of strength, stability and stan&rd for every company or individual involved in the process of construction.


The-Aim set by the visionaries of Jindal Rolling mills Ltd, was to earn due respect in the steel industry by serving with complete integrity and loyalty towards their clientele.

The company has been mounting success levels, in the highly competitive global market and supply chain, with the unchanged vision of providing good quality arid standardized products at competitive prices. It has, in return attained complete customer satisfaction.

The Company aims at establishing itself in the steel industry as the supplier of choice for it clients, and to achieve the pinnacle of success in the industry.


We have set our eyes on decentralization of the current production base by undertaking strategic alliances i.e. tie-ups and acquisitions of unorganized and small sized manufacturing units mushrooming all over the country and getting all of them under our own umbrella through technical up gradation implementation of Quality Management System and effective distribution through the innovative Stockyard Model.

In the list of top priority is the brand positioning of the products under the. JINDAL TMT 550 XD brand name. Stress has been laid upon the publicity and advertising methods to create a better recall of the brand and products. The brand has now been positioned as “Best Quality at Best Price”.

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